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Rent A Generator

Powering Your Success: Reliable Generator Rentals for Any Need.

Our (Rent A Generator) rental fleet offers a wide range of power solutions, from 25kVA to 1000kVA generators, known for their reliability and fuel efficiency. We deliver with crane trucks for convenience, and smaller units easily load onto trailers for mobility. 

Our goal is to provide a flexible rental service that meets your unique power needs.

Rent a generator

What We Can Help With

  • All rental generators use diesel generators.
  • Currently only 3 Phase rentals, Single Phase to follow shortly.
  • Generators are all skid mounted to assist in the prevention of theft.
  • Generator sizes available from 25kVA all the way up to 1000kVA for flexibility.
  • Short-term rental ranges from a Min. 2 Days to a Max. 12 Months.
  • Easy to operate.

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Rent A Generator - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Connect The Generator Myself?

NO – A qualified electrician should always be used when using rental generators. All installations temporary or permanent should be checked by a qualified electrician before being turned on or connecting any equipment to the generator. Output of the generator MUST be checked before connecting equipment and a Certificate of Compliance (COC) must be issued by the electrician.

Generator hire is available for the following minimum periods.

Week Days: 2 Days
Weekends: 3 Days (Friday – Sunday)

Weekday Pickup: from 10am – 4pm
Weekday Drop-off: before 10am

Weekend Pickup: Between 8am and 12PM on a Friday.


You are required to pay a deposit on every generator hired as security. This deposit is to cover the generator for any damage caused whilst in your possession and Diesel used or not filled back up.

If you are renting the generator in your personal capacity, we require a copy of your ID document, and proof of residence not older than 3 months or if it is on behalf of a company, we will need your company registration document. A contract containing all your details will be drawn up and signed by both yourself and Pinnacle Power Rental. In all instances, an identity verification will be done before renting the generator.

YES, we require that you fill up with diesel before returning the rental generator back to us.

If you did not fill up, we may use your security deposit to fill it back up again at a larger %.

A power factor represents the relationship between Active Power (KW) and Apparent Power (KVA), with KVA denoting the overall power consumption. Apparent power, measured in KVA, encompasses both active power and reactive power (KVAR). Reactive power, which constitutes non-useful power, is a component of apparent power (KVA). Elements contributing to reactive power (KVAR) include devices such as transformers, induction motors, and high-intensity lights. A high level of reactive power can indicate a poor power factor, potentially leading to increased electricity expenses on your bills.

This stands for kilo-volt-ampere and determines what can be powered by the generator.