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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? Have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and if you do not find what you are looking for, ask us.

Does the price include installation?
Price doesn’t include installation. In addition to this, installations need to be done by a qualified electrician to issue a valid Certificate of Compliance (COC) and surge protection on your incoming mains voltage for your insurance.

All prices exclude delivery. Please request a quote for delivery.

Only if you want the generator to start up automatically and switch off automatically, you have the option of using a manual change over switch as well.

The recommended size ATS is sized to your generator.

Yes, the generator should be installed on a level plinth.

No, the generator needs to be loaded in a reasonable order. The maximum first step should be 50% and then gradually increased over time. Over loading on start up will damage your generator.

The warranty is 12 Months or 1000 Hours whichever occurs first on diesel generator only, Petrol generator carry a 6 months or 500 hours warranty. It is a limited warranty. Travel to site is not included in the warranty. The goods need to be returned to us or a call out will be charged.

A power factor represents the relationship between Active Power (KW) and Apparent Power (KVA), with KVA denoting the overall power consumption. Apparent power, measured in KVA, encompasses both active power and reactive power (KVAR). Reactive power, which constitutes non-useful power, is a component of apparent power (KVA). Elements contributing to reactive power (KVAR) include devices such as transformers, induction motors, and high-intensity lights. A high level of reactive power can indicate a poor power factor, potentially leading to increased electricity expenses on your bills.

This stands for kilo-volt-ampere and determines what can be powered by the generator.

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